Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year

After a long time, a new year celebration that brought with it everything I like.
  • Highland Single Malt on the rocks - with Talat Aziz playing in the background
  • Sumptuous dinner - mainly comprising of slain live-stock, whose supreme sacrifice made my day, errrr... night
  • A drive down the scenic beach road and beer on the sea-side cafe
  • To top it all - a prolonged overnite game of 29
Here is wishing the regular readers (whose total number on the last count was one, including myself) and the casual passer-bys a very happy new year.


Anonymous sivam said...

Happy New Year Deba. Infact whenever i see my google reader for any updates on u'r blogs...just the gandhi smiling face i get :-). Hope u are back to blog.


9:53 PM  
Blogger Deba said...


Thanks. Wish you the same & a great year ahead. I dont think I can be regular anymore - but will try.


3:03 AM  
Anonymous Sivam said...

Your "Engineers:Now and Then" is what captivated me most. I can understand the IT work pressures :).


9:40 PM  

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