Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Story of a Change

As they say, changes are a way of life. For a new beginning, we need to end or at least change something, that has been there for so long. Change, of course, is difficult, the amount of difficulty varying with the degree of attachment.

I could sense the impending change for quite sometime now. Things just seemed fine on the surface, with life taking its course. A casual onlooker might not have been able to notice that something was amiss. But it was the one 'something' that is always so vital. Beneath the veneer, there was definitely something wrong. Things were not so smooth or satisfying, as they might appear to the eyes of the uninitiated. Things desperately needed change. Old relatiionships, which did not bring the same pleasures anymore, needed to be overwritten with newer ones. Alas, justification of a change did not make it any easier to act. When the time came to take the final leap, there was a lot of trepidation along with the usual sense of anticipation.

Despite something that was amiss, the old relationship was fine, actually. Who knows what woes the newer version will bring? May be things will worsen after making the changes? With a flurry of such thoughts sweeping my mind, I finally took the leap, this weekend. The change & the replacement did make me feel awkward for a while. But two days hence, I feel the decision for change was a good one. The new has not only overwritten the old, it also has given me the "something" that was missing in the old.

Yeah, deciding to go for a face-over for my motorbike was indeed a good idea. The mean machine, my two year old Pulsar 180 now has sportier looks, with cool three-leaf Mag Wheels replacing the conventional radial spokes & chrome rims. The Mag Wheels come with a matted finish and thin chrome lining near the border. And thats not all, the rear rubber (MRF Zapper 100/90-18) has been replaced with a sturdy looking Dunlop Racer 120/80-18. The road grip has improved way beyond I could have thought and now I dont get scared to take sharper turns at higher speeds. Only after bringing in the change, I understood the importance of that 'something', which was missing earlier.

On Saturday's get together, when my Pulsar 180 was the cynosure of all my friends' eyes, I realized the change is really worth all the trouble and expenses. For me, this is the first step towards taking motor biking to the next level. Due thanks to our North Madras Biker, Shankar for all his help and expert guidance.


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