Friday, June 17, 2005

Midnight Blogging

The clock is ticking mercilessly towards the deadline. The empty office floor is getting scarier by the moment. The sounds & noises of a typical workplace are fast dwindling. And yet, here I am. Perched infront of the computer on a friday night, waiting for my ultimate moment of glory.

No, my moment of glory is not an important discovery thats going to change the fate of mankind for better. Its merely the output of an inconsequential computer program, which if completed by tomorrow, is going to appease my manager in Toronto. Yeah, the
monkey-ish manager of mine (somehow a monkey always comes to my mind when I think of him; may be Darwin had a point after all) had made a big goof up in giving a commitment to the customer. And as a consequence, here I am, slogging away my butt to honour the commitment made by a monkey. So what if my work will not change the fate of man-kind? It will at least save a monkey's ass.

I hate these lonely midnights in office. They bring in a realization, how insignificant we human beings are, in front great entities like management & deadline. Will the IT industry ever mend its way to be more human? Nothing sort of a full fledged French Revolution (complete with Guillotines - you know for whom) is going to change things. I wonder what would happen if me & the monkey manager swap places? Would he be willing to work till the wee hours of morning, in order to save my ass? Willing or otherwise, I am sure he is simply not capable of it.

Reminds me of a line by Scott Adams, the prolific columnist who has understood modern day work-culture better than anyone else.
In any give company, the biggest fools are systematically identified and promoted to the management, where they can cause the least amount of damage to the organisation.
How true indeed? If the monkey was sitting here tonite in place of me, may be the customer would have sued us tomorrow. Anyway, my program is showing signs of working. Yeah, I can read its pulse - considering the fact that I am working on it for the past half-day and working with programs in general for close to half a dozen years. Barring an unforeseen issue (coincidently, almost all issues in this industry fall under this category), I will be able to wrap up this in another half hour and head home for a much awaited and much deserved (at least I think so !) late night drink. May be life is not so bad after all.


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