Friday, June 24, 2005

Friedman & Flat World

Thomas L Friedman's latest book "The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty First Century" has hit the stands in the bookstores around the world. has published a lengthy interview with the writer-columnist. In the interview Friedman speaks about his impression of a world, which is now flattened with level playing fields for the erstwhile thirld world countries (ie India & China). He also mentions how politicians in Washinton D.C remain ignorant of the changes that is sweeping the world. Friedman also talks about the following:
~ After the (now famous) Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention, in this book, Friendman introduces a new theory called The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention. This has to do with the fact that countries involved in the supply chain of Dell Computers are unlikely to go to war with each other.

~ The Sputnik Moment for the United States, ie a time of crisis in engineering & science training.

~ The concept of Geo-Greenism, which talks of energy independence, by way of rediscovering science & technology.
Good going, Mr Friedman. Thanks for making everyone see the whole business of globalisation in an entirely new light.


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