Monday, May 16, 2005

Too Much Ado !

Been thinking where to start. Then remembered this little conversation I had with my roomies a while ago. Over drinks, someone asked me, what comes to my mind when I think of "Much Ado About Nothing". My immediate answer was "Shah Rukh Khan". A a few drunken moments later I added "Hero Honda Splendor" and "Hotel Sarvana Bhavan" to the list.

Well.. All the three commodities mentioned above belong to the same class of product, whose USP is "opto prismic head-lamps" (Remember the new splendor plus advertisement ?). Here we have a motor bike that wants to sell itself based on new opto prismic headlamps & good looking side indicators (whatever happened to driving comfort, balance, suspension, pick-up etc ??). Here is a bollywood actor with very little acting talent (I dont count the welling-with-tear-eyes & choked-with-emotion-voices seen in Chopra-Johar movies as acting talent), who gets rave reviews as the numero uno of bollywood. Also, there is this hotel Sarvana Bhavan (the denizens of Chennai will be more familiar with this), which thinks they have got a right to charge twice the normal price for a masala dosai, just because they have got a name !!!

So much ado, so little substance !!!!


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