Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Gandhi vs Clinton !

Browsing through bookstores is a past time, that I savor till date and try to do it as frequently as possible. Books, neatly stacked category wise, fill my heart with warmth. So I am a regular at the old Landmark, Chennai. On a recent visit, two different books caught my attention. They were arranged near the entrance in two separate stacks. Both were auto-biographies. The first one was "Living History" by Hillary Clinton. And the second one was "The Story of My Experiments with Truth" by Gandhi. While the former cost a little over Rs 300 for the paper-back version (and six times over for the hard cover), the latter cost only Rs 30 (yeah, u read me right, its thirty rupees) ! A little enquiry revealed that even after heavy subsidy, there were not many takers for the second book. While Hillary's autobiography and that of her more illustrious husband, were selling like hot-cakes.

If this is not irony, then I don't know what is !!

There can't be any two opinions about who lived (and created) more history among the two authors, so I will go for the autobiography of Gandhiji anytime, even if the price tags were reversed. Meanwhile, those who want to get a electronic copy of the Mahatma's autobiography (in English and several other Indian languages) can visit the
Official Mahatma Gandhi eArchive.


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