Monday, May 16, 2005

For The Puzzle Lover !!

I am an avid puzzle lover. Thats the reason why I am member of a community called "Brain Teasers" at Orkut. While browsing this community, I came across two interesting puzzle sites. I would strongly prescribe them to anyone, who loves solving puzzles.

Superatione - A site developed by a brazilian guy called Phillipe. 20 Levels of puzzles.
Super-sensation by Sam - An improvement over the first site. Has 20 levels of puzzles.

The former is the original, while the later was created in response to the first one. I liked the later though, as it was much more stimulating. Visit the links for puzzle rules. The rules are very simple though, the puzzles being equally complex. Happy puzzling !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man, did you finish the superatione puzzle? Im stucked at challenge 18 an culd not pass... I would appreciate any help...

6:33 AM  

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