Monday, May 16, 2005

Another Blog. But why?

Why have a I started a blog ? The answer is simple, to while away the relentless time. Being a small part of the great indian IT revolution, at times I find myself either bored or with very little to do. And in either of this situation, I feel like scribbling something. And what could be better than a blog to scribble some random thoughts?

Why the name? The poem "For Once, Then Something" by Robert Frost has appealed to me always. A small poem, that speaks of greater significance of small things. Similarly, I will be writing abt small things, things that cross my mind, be it politics, sports, movies or media. As this is not a passion (just a past time), I will be irregular, at times irrational and will stop writing when I damn well like.

A little note of disclaimer. Since I am in India, most of my writings will be centered around this country. Wishing myself happy blogging.....


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